Swords of Blood

by Pagan Throne

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Pagan Throne present the first single from their new album "Swords of Blood"


released May 4, 2015



all rights reserved


Pagan Throne Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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Track Name: Swords of Blood
Swords of Blood

Fire in the sky the signal of the battle
Death bells proclaim the beginning of the fight
From far I see them profiling the mountain
The Black crow brought the sign

Ashes in the castle
Fire in the horizon
Swords of blood
Attacking my kingdom
I invoke the master of war tonight
Master, bring me your power
My soldiers are weak and tired
In this journey to the eternal glory

Fire on the Horizon
Swords of Blood
Attacking my Kingdom

The path to the fire
Along the dark forests we march
Singing rites of war
Drums chant the song of death
Pagan Hordes preparing the attack
Without mercy
Without remorse
Only death by the sword

Bring us the power of your sword
Shed over us the glory of blood
Against the fire in the top of the mountain
Riding in your black horse
Make worth your black spirit
Master bring us your power

Fire on the Horizon
Swords of Blood
Attacking his Kingdom

Decapitate the motherfucker king